About DeCiTo

Welcome to DeCiTo

My name is Eva Mosberg. I live in Tommerup on Funen and have for many years worked with nutrition guidance and weight loss.

I am Bachelor in Nutrition and Health, specializing in health promotion, prevention and dissemination. In addition, I am also a master in Public Health.

For many years I have been working people who wants to lose weight. My experience has shown,  that people have huge challenges when they are doing a weight loss, and it's basically not the actual diet the causes the problem, but it's all the surrounding factors, which are difficult. Therefore, there are also many who failed to carry out a weight loss, unless they have someone who can help and support them in the process.

Based on this, I have developed the DeCiTo program. It is a program designed to provide you with all the tools you need to carry out a weight loss. It contains the tools you would be provided with if you had help from a professional dietician.

The difference here is that the courses are online and you can take them whenever you want, in the order you need, or you can take the courses that only are relevant to you.

I look forward to help you!